the jacket

Simple but smart work jacket with two patch pockets including one pen pocket. Can be worn year-round, years long and in all occasions. This jacket is a centerpiece of the Colchik way of life.


the trousers

Comfortable and elegant trousers with a slightly retro touch, inspired by traditional pants. 2 patch pockets in the front, 2 darts and waist adjuster on the back, just the right fitting for a perfect Colchik look.


the dungaree

The Colchik dungaree has a both comfortable and flattering fit. With its funny triple pen pocket in the front and its lovely back yoke it could become an iconic of our slow collection.


the apron

A quite special apron, with large frontpocket and very easy to put on elastic link. Suitable for nearly everything: cooking, painting, gardening, tinkering, woodworking, caring for the rabbits... just all those dirty works children love to do with dad and mum.


the dress

Very cute knee-length apron dress with zipped back fastening and two patch pockets, including a pen pocket. The elastic link in the neck is very easy to put on. This dress is a good illustration of what we call contemporary vintage workwear.


the skirt

This knee-length skirt is inspired by our love for traditional aprons. It has a very stylish and gracefull slightly A-lined cut with room for movement. The two patch pockets, including a pen pocket, give it a practical and daily touch.

the shirt

Collarless pull on shirt with very fine finishing. Inset with hand embroidered flower design in the front like a talisman. We are nearly sure, even if we can't fully prove it, that this shirt has magical powers.


the summer shirt

Same cut as the shirt, same hand embroidered inset, same magical powers. Just with short sleeves for warmer days.


Choosing colors is an important part of our work. Indigo was an obvious choice, because it is the historical workwear color and we just couldn't leave it out: this deep, bright blue, as part of our collective memory, is the Colchik basic color.

Our baltic color is a light blue with a touch of gray, which means a touch of nostalgia.  Baltic is a color that tells us stories about the north, the east, large spaces and the passing of time. A very soft and retro color that works wonderfully with the indigo one.

One of our aims is to extend the classical workwear color palette. Rust, as a very contemporary basic color, is our first step out of the blue sphere. As the remaining color of an old industrial and handicraft world, rust should get a must of our workwear collection.

Rose is rather unexpected here - but we are just in love with this contrast. Our slightly old rose gives the Colchik designs an unexpected softness and extends our workwear proposition in a quite exciting way, giving all the other colors a very special touch.

indigo indigo
baltic baltic
rose baltic
rust baltic